Marriage Counseling

Reconnect With Each Other

Relationships are the source of our greatest joy, but also our deepest pain. Building a strong, lasting relationship or marriage takes a lot of commitment, humility, and hard work - not the things you'll find on a Hallmark card. If you've gotten derailed, we'd love to help you. Couples counseling is one of our biggest specialties - therapists from all over the valley refer their couples to us. Dr. Davis has written several popular textbooks on couples therapy, held countless trainings, and worked with hundreds of couples over the  years, and the other clinicians are similarly sought out for quality couples therapy.

Common problems we've helped couples with:

  • Recovery from an affair
  • Communication
  • Rebuilding trust
  • Navigating stressful times (e.g., health crises, etc.)
  • Adapting to parenthood
  • Relationships with each other's families
  • and many more...

A cautionary note about couples therapy. Many therapists don't have much training or experience working with couples. As a result, they often do things that work in individual therapy, but can inadvertently make things worse or even unnecessarily lead to separation/divorce. Whether you bring your relationship to us or someone else, be sure to ask if they regularly and successfully work with couples.