Writing Retreats

Your Writing Deserves Your Undivided Attention

You used to love writing, but your life has gotten so busy that your writing has taken a backseat to emails, meetings, and other people’s demands.

You still write now and then, but it is more of a requirement – it doesn’t feed you like it did in the past. You’d love to have some quiet, uninterrupted time in a relaxing environment to get back in touch with your creativity and passion for writing. You know it’s still in there.

Or perhaps you’ve always dreamed of becoming a writer, but the thought of taking your informal writing to a wider audience seems impossible.

You see all the books on your shelf and successful blogs and articles on your screen but you have no idea where to start, and you’ve lacked the support necessary to take the leap to becoming a published author.

Or maybe you’re already in the groove and simply need a large chunk of time free from distractions to finish a big project – your dissertation, book, website – whatever it is you’re working on.

If this describes you at all, you are invited to join us, Dr. Sean Davis and Dr. Jason Platt, on a writing retreat!

By the end of the retreat you’ll have reconnected with your passion for writing, gotten clarity and direction for your project and received the knowledge and support you need. You’ll have also permanently joined a caring and committed community of writers, and, in many cases, have something ready to send to the publisher. All this while weaving in plenty of relaxation and fresh Mexican cuisine as well!

Our writing retreats are in the beautiful town of Malinalco, Mexico. The five-day trip will include:

  • Welcome dinner in Mexico City
  • Large blocks of uninterrupted writing time
  • Group and individual coaching sessions as desired
  • Farewell celebration dinner
  • Continual support after the retreat via a private Facebook group

What if I want to come on the trip, but am not sure I want to write?

Come anyway! You won’t be alone. We’ve taken so many people here that word has gotten out, and each trip usually has a few people just wanting to unplug and recenter. We’re not going to get after you for not writing. It’s your trip.

What makes our writing retreats unique?

Few have both the “writing” and “retreat” experience that we do.

Between us we have co-authored six widely-read books and dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, including several which have won the prestigious “Best Article of the Year” award from the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, our field’s top academic journal.

On the “retreat” end, we have taken hundreds of clinicians on highly popular immersion trips in places such as Mexico, Belize, India, Cuba, El Salvador, Italy, Cambodia, Vietnam and others, with more each year.

Each of us has over a decade of experience as core faculty in the Couple and Family Therapy (Dr. Davis) and International Counseling Psychology (Dr. Platt) programs at Alliant International University where we have earned reputations as award-winning scholars, authors and educators.

Here’s what others have said

On our last trip, writers completed one book and started writing two others, wrote several journal articles that ended up being published in top-tier academic journals, and most importantly reconnected with their passion for writing. 

“Dr. Jason Platt and Dr. Sean Davis are the perfect companions and leaders for the ideal getaway to write. This trip provided the perfect amount of personal guidance and space in an incredible environment. It was surprisingly personal as well as career-related. A banquet for the soul.”
“I am forever grateful to Jason and Sean for taking us all on this writing journey. I came with the expectation of finding clarity on what I wanted to do and I’m leaving with much more than that. The writing I got done, the wonderful spiritual experience in Malinalco, and shared moments with [my peers]. I came to this journey up in my head and leaving with a fully content heart.”
“I signed up for the writing retreat with the goal of completing my first book, and I accomplished that! The spiritual rituals and local activities were incredible catalysts for breaking through mental and emotional barriers to my creative flow. Being in the presence of other writers at different stages of the writing process and with different focuses created an inspiring atmosphere full of laughter and mutual support. The experience was life changing and I highly recommend it.”
“This writing retreat with Sean and Jason was endlessly more powerful than I could have imagined it would be! It went well beyond my goals of getting unblocked with regards to writing, including believing in my ability to write and that I have plenty of importance to say. It quieted that critic that stops me, but not only in the writing arena. It was a beautifully emotional experience that has shifted my perspective in daring ways, propelled me toward things I’ve wanted but been fearful of, and brought with it a quiet but enduring sense of confidence and peace. It was deeply human and deeply wonderful. I can’t say enough good about Sean and Jason, and I would recommend anything those two choose to lead.”

What To Expect

Day 1

You’ll fly into Mexico City by 5pm and join the rest of the group for a welcome dinner in the upscale La Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City. You’ll likely be tired from the flight, so we’ll get you back to your hotel early so you can rest. Or if you want us to show you around the city, we can do that too. It’s your trip.

Day 2

We’ll arrive in beautiful Malinalco by bus mid-morning. After getting settled in your hotel, but you can stay where you’d like), we’ll join a local healer to participate in a temezcal, an indigenous healing ceremony (think sweat lodge) designed to release blocks and get creative energy flowing. It’s intense! Then you’ll start writing.

Day 3 & 4

You’ll share your progress in a morning group consultation, followed by individual consultations with either Drs. Davis, Platt, or both. The consultations are optional if you want to just start writing (or go exploring, or whatever). Otherwise find a coffee shop or quiet corner of the village that speaks to you and write away!

Day 5

We’ll catch the bus back to the Mexico City airport that morning (be sure to book your flight departing after 1:00 pm!). You’ll board the plane with your writing project finished, a new sense of calm and focus, a great group of new fellow writer friends, and memories to last a lifetime. We hope to see you there!

Malinalco, Mexico

Malinalco is considered to be the location of one of three main points of energy in Mexico. Malinalco’s energy in particular is linked to a creative feminine energy. Even the cynical among the group will acknowledge that is has a “vibe” unlike anywhere else. Last year’s participants couldn’t stop commenting about this!

You will have the option to participate in a temezcal, an ancient ceremony designed to overcome emotional blocks and release creative energy (They’re similar to a sweat lodge).

You may want to know if it is safe. In a word, yes! Jason has lived in Mexico City for well over a decade, and between us we’ve taken hundreds of students to Mexico City and Malinalco dozens of times with no significant incidents. We’ll be with you as much as you would like.

Check out the video above. Last year a few of us were writing an article under the pavilion in the Malinalco town center when it started to rain. A bunch of merchants packed up and joined us, and a few of them started to dance. Ten minutes later the rain stopped and everyone went back to business as usual.

If that’s your idea of a good time, you’re our kind of person.

Welcome to Malinalco!

Registration and Other Information:

  • The date of the location is TBD. Please let us know if you’d like to attend and we’ll add you to the waiting list.
  • You will fly into Mexico City on a Thursday and depart from Mexico City on a Monday. THe majority of the time will be spend in Malinalco. 
  • The program fee is $650 and includes welcome and farewell dinners, all travel between Malinalco and Mexico City, group and individual writing consultation sessions with Dr. Davis or Dr. Platt, and a 2-hour healing ceremony led by a local healer. 
  • To allow for individual flexibility and preferences, the program fee does not include airfare, lodging and meals in Malinalco. 
  • A $100 deposit will be required to reserve your spot. 
  • To request a detailed itinerary, or ask any questions please email Dr. Davis and Dr. Platt at immersion@thedavisgroup.org
  • If you’re ready to take the leap, click below to register and we’ll see you in Malinalco!