Christian Counseling

Are You In Need Of Faith-Based Support?

If you identify as Christian, you may have avoided counseling or put off therapy in the past due to worries about whether or not the therapeutic process will align with your faith. Maybe you’ve sought mental health support in the past but couldn’t find the right fit with a therapist who did not share your perspectives as a Christian. Alternatively, you may feel that though you get support through your church community, you could benefit from the trained, experienced insight of a mental health counselor. 


Working with a Christian therapist, you can be confident knowing that your clinician will be able to hold meaningful space for your emotions, values, and goals for counseling. Their personal experience within your shared faith can guide you in a way that allows you to feel understood, embraced, and encouraged in counseling.

At The Davis Group, Christian counselors are available to support in your growth and healing. 

Where “Purity” Culture And Mental Health Intersect

If you were raised as or identify as a Christian, you probably know that there is a particular set of standards that come with our religion. For all of the ways that our faith enriches our lives through family, community, and spiritual/moral guidance, there are elements of the culture that can be painful or confusing. The constant expectation to be “pure” and “good” often results in stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem. 

When left unchecked, these issues can snowball, affecting the relationships we have with others and ourselves. Though we may rely on our faith during times of hardship, our struggles are nevertheless real and difficult to navigate without help. People of all faiths and belief systems encounter setbacks in their mental health, including depression, anxiety, interpersonal conflict, and substance abuse. 

Yet, these issues are often shrouded in shame, causing us to avoid reaching out for support. For instance, there are certain stigmas around divorce and same-sex relationships within the church community. And many couples grappling with infidelity, infertility, or other sensitive issues may feel as though their challenges aren’t fully acknowledged in the church, further perpetuating a sense of isolation and shame. Those struggling may be given the message that, as Christians, we are not “allowed” to be depressed or that we somehow lack faith when experiencing setbacks in our mental health. 

Through the support of Christian counseling, you can feel less alone on your journey. Our Christian therapists at The Davis Group can relate to your experience while offering meaningful healing perspectives.

Christian Counseling At The Davis Group

Like anyone seeking therapy, you want to feel supported—not judged—by your clinician. A Christian therapist understands that you have made specific choices and had distinct experiences as a result of your religious upbringing. Whether you are coming to counseling to gain a deeper awareness, heal past wounds, or untangle the mixed signals projected either by the church or society at large, we can guide you toward clarity. 

The Therapeutic Process

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Faith-based counseling at The Davis Group is available to couples and individuals of all ages. To get started, you can schedule an initial free, 15-minute consultation with one of our Christian counselors to determine if you’re a good match. From there, if you decide to enroll in therapy, you will go through a standard intake process. The first counseling session will be an opportunity for you and your clinician to get to know each other a little better, discussing in greater depth your identity as a Christian, family background, symptoms, and goals for therapy. 

We take a highly customized approach to therapy, offering coping skills and treatment methods based on each client’s needs. For example, if you need help reducing shame, counseling may involve biblical or scriptural elements that deepen your understanding of concepts like unconditional self-compassion and positive regard. Likewise for issues of substance abuse—we will establish healthy, motivating ways to align your recovery with your faith.

If you’re a couple in need of premarital or marriage counseling, you may be looking for outside guidance on how to reconcile your unique partnership with the Christian norms and ideals for what makes a “good” relationship. Therapy can be an opportunity to foster a deeper understanding of one another as you learn healthy, affirming ways to integrate Christianity into your partnership—and all aspects of your life. 

Alternatively, in counseling, you may discover that though you still identify as Christian, you want to move away from the traditional teachings and structures of the church. Whatever your path may be, we will empower you to live in a way that feels value-driven and authentically you.  

Healing, growth, and a stronger self-identity are possible through therapy. With support, you can look forward to having space to explore, process, and share the misunderstood pieces of your faith—and yourself—in an empowering and confidential atmosphere. 

Maybe You’re Considering Christian Counseling At The Davis Group But You’re Still Not Sure…

Are there multiple counselors in your practice who identify as Christian or faith-based?

Yes. We have a number of therapists on staff who identify as Christian and are part of a range of local churches and chapters in the community. Our Christian counseling services address a wide range of issues concerning faith, religion, and biblical perspectives, and we will match you with a therapist who can relate to your experience. 

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Will my counselor understand my religious perspective?

Our counselors understand the struggle of having a foot in “both worlds,” as it were. They also understand that places of healing—including churches, chapters, and the home itself—and some of the people within those communities can often be the sources of emotional pain and trauma. Christian counseling can help you untangle your experiences and work towards a balanced life that reflects your authentic values. 

How much scripture or biblical instruction is involved in Christian counseling?

You will have a lot of say in how much emphasis your therapist puts on Christianity, the Bible, or religious insights. We are more focused on what issues bring you to therapy in the first place and will offer faith-based perspectives as they are helpful or invited into the discussion. 

Feel Balanced, Connected, And Aligned In Your Values

If you identify as Christian and are looking for faith-based perspectives in counseling, there are therapists at The Davis Group who can understand, relate to, and guide you through your experience. To find out more about how we can help, contact us.

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