Anxiety Treatment

Are You Tired Of Living Fearfully?

  • Do anxious or ruminating thoughts prevent you from doing the things that instill your life with a sense of meaning? 
  • Is constant worry about what will happen next keeping you from accomplishing tasks, reaching goals, or making connections?
  • Have you found it difficult to achieve a level of lasting safety or security in your life? 
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Perhaps you’re a worst-case scenario thinker, meaning that you constantly fear that something bad will happen. As a result, you may often feel exhausted by your own thinking patterns, as it seems like you can never achieve a sense of peace. 

It may also be that you experience a certain degree of social anxiety. Perhaps the idea of meeting new people or interacting with others tends to trigger feelings of self-doubt or fears of being judged. Or you may be concerned that you’ll have to meet others’ expectations of how you should be behaving. 

Maybe within your close relationships, your anxiety has translated into an overly possessive demeanor. Though you don’t intend to be controlling or critical, feelings of powerlessness in other areas of your life or the sense that you always have to be “the responsible one” may have caused you to have a tight grip on your relationships. Yet instead of feeling secure in those connections, you may often feel ashamed that your anxiety has once again gotten the best of you. 

Anxiety can affect more than just the emotional and relational aspects of our lives. You may be struggling with physical symptoms related to anxiety, such as digestive issues, headaches, chronic pain, shakiness, and agitation. It’s likely that your struggle with anxiety makes it difficult to relax and feel at ease. 

Of course, life would be easier if it was free of fear, stress, and worry. And it’s natural that such negative and extreme thinking would wear on you over time. However, therapy makes it possible to find tailormade solutions for the problems created by your anxiety. 

Society Conditions Us To Be Anxious

Anxiety stems from the universal need that all of us have to feel safe, secure, and stable. It therefore makes sense that millions of people struggle with thoughts driven by fear or worry. Nevertheless, anxiety can be a disruptive and exhausting disorder to live with. 

Unfortunately, however, our society is so fast-paced and achievement-oriented that we value such a degree of exhaustion as a reflection of our accomplishments. This signals that despite our awareness of how unsustainable it is to constantly be busy and productive, we still feel the need to be driven by fearful and anxious thinking rather than by our own internal motivations. There is a sense that we must constantly be hustling for feelings of worthiness and acceptance. 

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Furthermore, anxious and fearful thinking often originates in traumatic experiences. Regardless of if we were abused, bullied, neglected, subjected to a damaging comparison culture, or suffered another form of trauma, it’s likely we developed coping mechanisms that may have helped us to feel safe initially but ultimately contributed to our anxiety over time. 

This isn’t your fault—anxiety is part of our nature. Our needs change, but the time it takes to cope and adjust happens slowly. It also doesn’t help that in today’s world, we are constantly exposed to a never-ending cycle of bad news and the dangers of the world, which further stoke the worry that something bad is going to happen to us. 

When it comes to looking at the ways in which anxiety affects you, you’re likely to focus more on the symptoms rather than the root cause. Yet with therapeutic treatment, you can begin the process of understanding where your anxiety comes from, how it affects you, and how you can create lasting solutions that allow you to be less directed by fearful thinking. 

Anxiety Treatment Gives You A Chance To Examine And Conquer Fearful Thinking

If you struggle with anxiety, chances are you don’t have very many opportunities in your life to express yourself without fear of judgment. In therapy, however, you can work with an unbiased and empathetic professional who can tailor sessions to meet your exact needs with the ultimate goal of facilitating a sense of peace and healing in your life. 

If you’d like, you’re welcome to schedule a free, 15-minute consultation to find out which of our therapists is best suited to help you with overcoming anxiety. Once a match has been made, your therapist will spend the initial treatment sessions getting a sense of presenting problems and how your anxiety is impacting your life. We may also explore elements of your history and any relevant traumas so that we can assess what strengths and resources have helped you in the past or present. 

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From there, we will continue to collaborate to understand the root causes of your anxiety so that your tailormade treatment plan is not merely treating surface symptoms. As we like to say at The Davis Group, we are committed to your healing—not just your maintenance. Of course, we will never push you to share information that makes you uncomfortable or worsens your anxiety, but our hope is that therapy will help you get to a place where you can feel more secure to discuss difficult topics. 

Though our therapists come from a wide range of backgrounds, we believe in developing tailored approaches that can authentically meet the needs of each of our clients. Therefore, your clinician may use a combination of behavioral therapies, narrative techniques, parts work, and mindfulness to help you with overcoming your anxiety. 

Throughout the course of therapy, you’ll likely develop some very meaningful insights into your anxiety and the experiences that have precluded it. Not only will we customize your treatment to provide you with coping skills that can help alleviate some of the daily manifestations of anxiety, but you will also be able to gradually shift your perspective so that your overall mindset improves. And soon, you’ll find that it’s easier to address and communicate your worries. 

While a lack of compassion for yourself may have kept you stuck in a cycle of anxious thinking, building the skills for coping with anxiety will foster more self-compassion and self-acceptance. Therapy allows you to begin the process of figuring out how and why your anxiety has affected you.

It is possible for you to direct your life choices—rather than having your anxiety do it for you—as you embark on a path toward clarity and healing. 

Perhaps you’re ready to see a therapist for anxiety, but you still have questions…

I should be able to handle my anxiety on my own, and I’m concerned about how I will be perceived by others for seeking treatment. 

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Anxiety is something that affects millions upon millions of people, and you are not alone in experiencing it. Furthermore, therapy is becoming an increasingly acceptable form of self-care. As human beings, we are wired for connection, and overcoming anxiety is not something that is meant to be done in isolation or without the help of others. If you can acknowledge that physicians are necessary for physical health, then it may be easier for you to accept that therapists are necessary for mental health. 

I’m worried that I will be pressured into taking medication or sharing painful information from my past. 

At The Davis Group, you will never be forced into anything—whether it’s about sharing information or using medication. We believe that for the therapeutic process to work, a sense of trust and security with your therapist must be achieved. While we may discuss hard topics, our clinicians are trained to do so in an empathetic, skillful way that builds a sense of trust and safety rather than obligation. 

I don’t have the time or money to commit to anxiety treatment. 

If you’re concerned about the time and financial aspects of attending therapy, we encourage you to think about the ways that anxiety has robbed you of time and money in the past. Whereas therapy only takes up an hour of your time each week, your anxiety has likely taken up precious time and productivity on a daily basis. Similarly, you’ve probably spent a bit of money searching for relief from your anxiety—whether that takes the form of substance use, shopping, or self-care rituals. 

Therapy is an investment in yourself that is worth it! And given that many of our clients begin to experience relief from symptoms of their anxiety in just a matter of weeks or months, it’s likely a quicker and less expensive fix in the long run. After all, you and your inner peace are the most worthwhile and important investment.

You Can Refresh Your Perspective And Live Without Constant Worry

If you’re tired of fearful thinking being in the driver’s seat of your life, The Davis Group can help you understand and overcome anxiety. Please contact us and specify your interest in anxiety treatment for your free, 15-minute consultation or to set up your first anxiety treatment session. Both in person and video appointments are available.

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