Living A Happier, More Fulfilling Life

Feeling Good Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

I’ve done everything I can think of, and things still just don’t feel the way they should! It’s not fair. Other people seem to be fulfilled, living their dreams. Why not me?

sad man sitting at a table

You know the feeling.

You wake up, have a brief second or two of calm, then realize you have a whole day ahead of you. 

Another whole day of the same routine. 

You grab your phone off the bedside where you left it last night and escape into social media for a while before forcing yourself out of bed. You start your routine, whatever it is – getting the kids out the door, hopping in the shower, making lunch. You grab whatever is around on your way out the door – a banana, cookie, Diet Coke or a cup of coffee.  

On the outside, your life looks pretty good. Enviable, even.

You have a nice car, good job, healthy kids.

But the people you pass each day have no idea how you feel, how little joy, passion and satisfaction you have in your life.

Your day has become one insanely predictable routine devoid of life. It’s not bad – you know a lot of people have things much worse, and you feel guilty for not being more thankful for what you have. 

But it isn’t good either.

sad woman sitting by a tree

It’s flat. Drab.

But you hope there’s something more out there. There has to be.

You’re depressed but can’t figure out why, since you’ve checked most of the “good life” boxes. You feel disillusioned and empty. You’re short-tempered with your kids and spouse. You know there’s more inside you to give, but your not sure what or how.

Somewhere along the way you lost yourself.

You’re not sure exactly when, or even if there was a specific moment. Maybe it started when you had kids. Or chose not to have kids. Or got married. Or passed up opportunities to get married. Or went back to work. Or chose not to work.

Who knows.

What you do know is that you can’t do another 20, 40, 60 years of this. No way. Something has to change – you’re just not sure what, and everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked. The depression is getting harder to keep at bay. Your life feels out of control.

You’d love to feel more excitement. Getting more physical energy is a must – you can’t remember the last time you felt well-rested and full of life. You want to improve your marriage, but where to start? Or maybe you’re single and want a healthy relationship, but you’re not sure how to have a healthy relationship much less find one.

You’re worried that if you don’t do anything, you’ll slip into a deeper depression, your kids will resent you, or you may even lose your marriage. Or if you’re single, you’re worried that the illusion of being alone forever will become a reality. And what if you miss out on your life’s purpose? The thought of leaving your mission unfulfilled is terrifying, but you’re not sure what to do about that.

You need some balance to your life!

Life doesn’t have to be this hard!

You have a meaningful life awaiting you, and there is a way to access it. 

happy woman

Imagine waking up in the morning excited about the day. You exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, get ready , and out the door you go, ready for the challenges ahead. You know what the life you want looks like, and you know how to get it. You are getting there. You have more meaning in your routine, and excitement and optimism for your future. 

All the same players are in your life – spouse, kids, maybe even the same job situation – but your outlook has completely changed. 

And not just your outlook – you’ve made some significant changes to the way you structure your life, to your routine. You’re taking better care of your body. Your sleep. 

You’ve had some difficult conversations with people to restructure your relationship with them…and they worked! You feel more connected to your spouse and kids than you’ve ever been. Your friendships have changed and become more meaningful. The wrong ones have faded, and the right ones have blossomed.

You’ve gotten reconnected with rituals and hobbies that are fun and meaningful. Your life feels balanced. You almost feel ashamed for having so much fun, for not caring about all the old stuff that used to weigh you down!


The shame has been fading too. Good riddance.

You’ve had some hard conversations with yourself as well. Smoothed off some of the rough edges of your personality, put a stop to your self-defeating behavior. Taken full responsibility for your happiness. At first that was hard, but before long became liberating. Now you can’t imagine living any other way.

You know what you’re working towards, and you know how to get there. You start thinking in terms of the “old you” and the “new you.” 

You’ve found the feeling you had been chasing!

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