Michaele Hawkinson,


I work with adult individuals and couples who are experiencing various life transitions, helping them anticipate and navigate these changes with resilience and confidence. I provide guidance and support to help you navigate uncertain emotions and offer clarity about the paths before you. I am deeply passionate about my work and am committed to creating a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, gain insight into your unique experiences, and develop practical strategies to navigate life’s ups and downs.
In addition to specializing in assisting individuals through the complexities of adulthood’s transitional phases, I also offer expertise in addressing depression and anxiety, and helping families where a member has autism. These mental health challenges can affect people at any age, and seeking help is a courageous step towards healing.

– Michaele Hawkinson, MA, LMFT


I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from Sacramento State University in Psychology. I worked hard in school and my good grades did not come easily. My work ethic and striving to do my best began at a very young age. I earned my Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling from the Professional School of Psychology, which was when my interest in neurodiversity began to develop. This led me to one of my specialty areas of working with families living with Autism. 


I have been a practicing Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 20 years. In my early career I worked in many different settings including inpatient facilities working with clients experiencing severe mental illnesses, and at a nonprofit center for children. Both clinical experiences offered me insight into the influences of family dynamics, personal histories, and the importance of functioning relationships to improved health and well-being.

Prior to joining The Davis Group, I worked in private practice for 15 years with a focus on individuals and couples navigating anxiety, depression, marital conflict and challenging parental issues. Since joining the group, I’ve enjoyed expanding my clinical focus with the support and collaboration of my colleagues for the benefit of my clients.

Clinical Specialties

  • Working with adult individuals and couples navigating life transitions such as becoming empty nesters, navigating adulthood, divorce, bereavement, physical health challenges, career changes, mid- and late-life identity shifts, retirement, and similar adjustments.
  • Guidance and support on navigating, healing, and avoiding burnout for caretakers (such as caregivers for disabled children, aging parents or dependent family members, or those in helping professions)
  • Therapeutic support for fellow therapists and those in healing professions 
  • Adults and couples with Autism and other neurodiversities
  • Families with Autism and other neurodiversities

I am the mother of two adult daughters on the Autism spectrum, a parenting journey that has provided me with valuable insights and experiences. I am proud of our blended family, and have the learned experience of navigating the changes and adaptations that come with it. I understand that life is rarely straightforward, and I recognize the importance of having a compassionate and attentive listener to help navigate these challenges and others.

My husband and I share a love for outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening, and fishing. We are currently in the process of training our chocolate lab, Maverick, to become a certified therapy dog. We also have Howie, a 13-year-old chiweenie (a doxie/chihuahua mix) who, in all honesty, has no interest in anything therapeutic and is quite grumpy.

My greatest sources of joy stem from my family, including my beloved pets, my passion for music, and my strong Christian faith. These elements enrich my life and inspire me to provide support to others facing life’s challenges.


(Call or Text – ask for Michaele)

Availability & Rates

Monday – Friday, 9-5
$190 per 50 minute session


Please complete the online intake paperwork before your first session. It takes a while to complete – plan on about 30 minutes – but having this information prior to your arrival helps me make the most of our time together. If the person seeking treatment is a child or adolescent, please fill out the “child/adolescent” paperwork; otherwise please complete the “adult” paperwork. Lastly, only complete the “Release of Information” if requested once we begin meeting. I will provide you with the password.