Pornography Addiction

You Deserve a Life of Connection Free From Shame

Look at porn, feel ashamed, vow to quit…repeat. I’m so tired of the pattern, but deep down I’ve given up thinking that I’ll ever stop. Is this my life? Can I ever not look at pornography again? This can’t be my life, can it? 

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Pornography addiction. The routine has become all too predictable and, when you’re honest with yourself,  has started to define your life.

You wake up in the morning and scroll through your Instagram page. Before long you notice a provocative ad with a scantily dressed female model. You spend some time scrolling through Instagram looking for increasingly explicit content. Unable to find the level you want, you bring up your favorite pornographic website. You browse through a few videos while beginning your masturbation routine.

It’s like you’re in a cruel paradox – part of you is on a numb autopilot while trying to not think about what you’re doing as you choose a few nameless, faceless videos, whereas another part of you is intensely aroused and focused. The arousal wins – it always seems to – and you continue until you reach orgasm. The rush of dopamine feels fantastic for a minute or so…until the shame arrives.

You walk out the door thinking:

  • What is wrong with me?
  • How could I do that again?
  • I can control myself next time.
  • I have a wife, what would she think?
  • What would my friends and family think if they knew?
  • I’m a disgusting human being.
  • Nobody can ever know about this!
  • I’ll never truly be over this, so why try?

And yet, deep down…

young man looking away
  • I can’t wait to do this again later today.

You carry your secret with you. What began as a seemingly innocent curiosity or stress release has started taking over your life. You frequently clear your browser history or use private mode, make sure your wife isn’t home whenever you watch pornography – or at least is in another room. Sometimes just a small trigger such as a physically attractive woman walking by can set in motion a string of events that only end with masturbating to pornography.

You’re beginning to take more risks. You’ve started to view pornography at work on your cellphone and even a few times on your work computer. You’ve watched it on your tablet in bed while your wife is sleeping next to you – you hope she’s sleeping, at least. You’re not sure how this will all end, but you can feel control slowly slipping from your grasp. You fear the worst, yet you also can’t seem to stop.

You’re tired of the secrecy. It is getting more difficult to remember what it felt like to not be hiding something. To not feel ashamed.

You’ve felt paranoid for so long, wondering if you’ve cleared everything off your phone every time one of your children grabs it. You don’t feel like you fit in with your church or community group – what if they knew! You want to stop viewing pornography but you can’t control your urges.

Imagine how peaceful it will feel to be clear from the chains of pornography!

smiling young man

Picture how freeing it feels to not keep any secrets from those you love and care about. You feel more open, at peace, vulnerable and connected to those around you. You have energy for and find pleasure in the little things you used to enjoy.

Imagine for a moment that the chains of pornography have been broken, and no longer control you, your actions, your thoughts, or your beliefs. You feel more engaged and energetic than ever before. Perhaps most importantly, you’re not hiding anything.

You can have a life free from pornography!

We’ve seen it happen over and over again. Addiction to pornography and pornographic usage does not make you any less human than anyone else. Pornography does not define who you are, it is merely a part which has become increasingly difficult to control and work through.

You deserve to be free from the controls of pornography and the individual and societal shame that it creates. 

We Can Help!

We’ve helped hundreds of people through pornography addiction! We can help you:

  • Be done looking at pornography
  • Feel unburdened and free
  • Reconnect with your sense of self-worth
  • Leave shame behind
  • Form meaningful, emotionally connected relationships free from deception
  • Learn healthy ways of dealing with emotions

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