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    What Makes The Davis Group Unique?

    At The Davis Group our mission is simple: to provide world class, comprehensive therapy services to our clients.
    We do that by only hiring the best. 
    Therapists vary widely in their skill – training programs range from small, rigorous COAMFTE-accredited (the highest level of Marriage and Family Therapy accreditation) doctoral programs to anonymous diploma-mill masters programs, with each usually producing the results you might expect.
    At The Davis Group, our clinicians have been trained in accordance with the most rigorous standards of the field.
    Our founder, Dr. Sean Davis, helped found the Sacramento campus of Alliant International University's MFT program, the only COAMFTE-accredited program in Northern California. As professor at Alliant and former director of Alliant's program for seven years, he has had a direct role in training hundreds of therapists in the Sacramento valley.
    After years of watching his students practice in the community, Dr. Davis realized that most mental health clinics struggled with one major flaw: they couldn't consistently provide truly comprehensive, competent services. Maybe their child therapy services were good, but not their anxiety management services. So the child would go to one clinic and the parent to another, all of which made treatment difficult to coordinate and people's already busy lives more difficult.
    It was difficult to find a clinic where: 1) all clinicians were highly respected in their specialty; 2) a wide enough range of specialties were offered that almost all clients could be helped in-house; and 3) the therapists loved their workplace and therefore stayed for a long time, ensuring treatment wasn't disrupted.
    In an attempt to meet the need for a higher standard of care, Dr. Davis founded The Davis Group. Being a professor allows Dr. Davis to hand-pick a group of his best and brightest graduates and provide them the support they need to do their best work. And it is working - with almost 90% of our clients coming from referrals from colleagues and satisfied clients, The Davis Group has quickly become one of Northern California's most trusted sources of quality mental health care.

    About Dr. Sean Davis

    Dr. Davis received his PhD at Virginia Tech, one of the country's most respected Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) programs. His dissertation remains the most nationally awarded dissertation in the field. He went on to co-author the first textbook on common factors (a popular treatment approach)as well as two of the field's most widely used theory textbooks. His research has twice been awarded the Article of the Year award at the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, his field's top academic journal. In 2018 he was recognized as the most widely cited professor in the field among those in academia for 15 years or less. He is also a popular national and international presenter.
    Despite his successes, Dr. Davis' clients describe him as down to earth, warm, and sincere. He truly cares about the people who walk through his door, and hiring therapists who feel the same is his top priority.

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    Please feel welcome to reach out to us and see if we can help you. You can call or text any of us at the numbers below. We'll get back to you the same business day and help you determine if we're the best fit for your situation. If so, we can usually see you that week. If not, we have a network of other trusted colleagues. Either way, a call to us will get you the help you need.

    Meet The Team

    We understand how overwhelming it can be to find a therapist who is a good fit for you or your loved ones. That's why our therapists offer different specialties, price-points, and availability.
    For your convenience, you can call or text us directly at the numbers below. They go directly to our cell phones.
    dr sean davis

    Dr. Sean Davis, PhD, LMFT

    Individual, Marriage & Family Counseling

    Location: Roseville
    Hourly Rate: $200
    Availability: Wednesday 9-5

    Michelle Hutchings, MA, LMFT

    Individual, Marriage and Family Counseling

    Location: Roseville
    Hourly Rate: $175
    Availability: M-F, 9-8

    Dr. Marlina Selva, PsyD, LMFT

    Individual, Marriage & Family Counseling

    Location: Palo Alto
    Hourly Rate: $200
    Availability: M, F, 9-8

    Dr. Alex Hsieh, PhD, LMFT

    Individual, Marriage & Family Counseling

    Location: Roseville
    Hourly Rate: $175
    Availability: M-F, 9-8

    Dr. Shelly Middleton, PsyD, LMFT

    Individual, Marriage & Family Counseling

    Location: Roseville
    Hourly Rate: $175
    Availability: M-F, 9-8

    Dr. Jennifer Vallin, PsyD, LMFT

    Individual, Child, Marriage & Family Counseling
    Location: Roseville
    Hourly Rate: $175
    Availability: M-F, 9-8

    Kelsey Harter, MA, AMFT

    Individual, Marriage & Family Counseling

    Operations Manager
    Location: Roseville
    Hourly Rate: $175
    Availability: M-F, 9-8

    Melisa Alonzo, MA, AMFT

    Individual, Marriage & Family Counseling

    Location: San Diego
    Hourly Rate: $175
    Availability: M-F, 9-8

    Locations in Roseville, Palo Alto, and San Diego

    We offer individual, teen, couple and family counseling in Roseville and Palo Alto.
    Our Roseville office is located conveniently off the I-80 freeway with easy access from the communities of Lincoln, Loomis, Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, Citrus Heights, Orangevale, Folsom, Sacramento, Elk Grove, El Dorado Hills, Davis, Grass Valley, Yuba City and surrounding areas.
    Our Palo Alto office is a few blocks off Stanford campus, and serves the communities of Menlo Park, Mountain View, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Redwood City, San Jose and surrounding areas. This office is currently available for videoconference appointments only.
    Our San Diego location is currently available for videoconference appointments only.
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