Alex Hsieh

I help men and women overcome pornography and sexual addiction so they can live a more authentic and connected life.
Navigating through pornography addiction can be a frustrating and painful experience. Often people are quick to fall into patterns of shame, anger, self-doubt, and frustration. It can sometimes feel that the task of overcoming such addiction is more than one can handle. While I believe the work can be hard and sometimes painful, I also believe that with courage and determination, the end goal is extremely rewarding. Let’s begin to free yourself from the addiction and replace it with relational connection, self-compassion, and sexual understanding.
I also help teens who are struggling to find find purpose, passion, and peace within themselves. The adolescent years are one of the most critical and demanding stages of our lives. Teens can be influenced by various social groups, social media, and family pressures. The journey towards adulthood can come with support and guidance. I take up this journey with you and your teen to bring a sense of purpose that can shape the rest of their life.

-Dr. Alex Hsieh


I received my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Abilene Christian University and my doctorate degree, also in Marriage and Family Therapy, at Brigham Young University.



I’ve worked in a lot of different settings over the years, including a community mental health agency, school-based counseling program, university clinic, and homeless transitional facility. My main job now is serving as an Associate Professor (tenured), and Clinical Coordinator in the Couple and Family Therapy program at Alliant International University. I am a California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#103603).

Clinical Specialties

My clinical specialization includes but are not limited to:

I work predominantly from an Internal Family Systems and Attachment Theory perspective. I have strong clinical skills and an empathetic nature. I care deeply about working collaboratively with clients toward achieving their goals. I believe that relationships and healthy communication are basic foundations of human interactions. When two or more people meet, interact, and communicate they are forever changed. When working with me, you will feel both challenged and supported towards your journey of healing.

Languages Spoken

I am fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese.


I grew up in the great state of Texas and can sometimes have a strong southern drawl. Even though I live in California, Texas still has my heart. I know my way around a Traeger like nobody else and yes, the big truck in the parking lot is mine.

Life and my career took me to Utah and eventually the Golden State of California but I retain the southern pace of life. I like woodworking, snowboarding, and an intense game of basketball. I most enjoy sitting down with friends and family and talking over a good cup of coffee. Other interests include hiking, bowling, gardening, and riding motorcycles. Traveling remains a personal goal of mine and I hope to one day visit every continent.


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Availability & Rates

Monday-Friday, 9-7
$190 per 50 minute session


Please complete the online intake paperwork before your first session. It takes a while to complete – plan on about 30 minutes – but having this information prior to your arrival helps me make the most of our time together. If the person seeking treatment is a child or adolescent, please fill out the “child/adolescent” paperwork; otherwise please complete the “adult” paperwork. Lastly, only complete the “Release of Information” if requested once we begin meeting. I will provide you with the password.