Malinalco, Mexico Writing Retreat

September 6th-10th, 2018
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You've had that book idea in your head for years! 
But you have no clue how to start writing it and you barely have enough time to respond to your emails, much less write an entire book.
After all, writing books is something other people do. Professional authors with something important to say. Right?
You see the millions of books out there and figure it can't be that hard, but how do you go from staring at your blank screen to a book on the shelf?
It seems like there's some sort of secret "book authors club" or something, and you can't get an invite.
Writing a book shouldn't be this complicated!
Imagine how awesome you will feel looking at your first book on the shelf!
Picture the credibility you’ll have, handing out copies to clients and colleagues.
And casually mentioning “author” when people ask what you do?
Actually, writing a book is surprisingly simple! 
Once you commit to a few simple steps, you can write a book in a month or less.
And you do have something to say. You’re a therapist after all. Nobody is more qualified to speak about navigating life’s challenges than you.
Once Sean co-authored one in four days in spite of (or perhaps because of) an eccentric bed and breakfast host with a fake British accent, kiwi and peach pie breakfasts, and no change of underwear (long story...#sufferingforyourcraft).
But we digress.
It’s true, though. Writing a book takes focus and dedication, but once you know how to structure the process it isn’t that hard.
We will show you how!
Even if you’re not great at writing!
Or maybe the clock is ticking on your dissertation or journal article deadline, but you  just...can'!
You know what to write and how to write it, but you've mastered the art of cleaning your fridge, reorganizing your playlists, or picking random fights with your family - anything to distract you from that deadline!
If only you had several days of uninterrupted time to finish your project in a peaceful, romantic Mexican village!
You know, like Hemingway.
If you could set something up like  Hemingway, you'd blow this dissertation out of the water.
You'd be so on fire you'd write a second dissertation on your plane ride home just as an afterthought.

(No, you wouldn't. Don't ever do that. That would be dumb. But we admire your enthusiasm).

Well, you're in luck! Because this September 6-10th, you can join a small group of like-minded therapists and two award-winning authors/therapists for a writing retreat in Malinalco, Mexico!
The four-day trip will include:
  • Welcome dinner in Mexico City
  • Group sessions as desired
  • Individual consultation sessions with Dr. Davis and Dr. Platt as desired
  • Daily group support and accountability meetings as desired
  • Private lodging in Malinalco, a quiet, peaceful village regarded as one of the spiritual centers of Mexico
  • Farewell celebration dinner
For those wishing to write a book, you'll learn how to:
  • Identify a topic and structure an outline
  • Start writing, including dealing with writer's block
  • Write a publishable book, even if you're not a great writer
  • Approach publishers
  • Self-publish
Everyone will receive:
  • Large blocks of quiet, uninterrupted writing time
  • Personal and group coaching as desired
  • Continual accountability and support after the retreat via a private Facebook group
That all sounds great, but wouldn't it be better if the trip started with an optional ancient warrior ceremony and temezcal (sweat lodge) led by a local know, to get my head in the game?
Yes, it would. Good idea.
We'll do that too.
Who are you guys anyway?
We're glad you asked!

The trip will be hosted by us, Dr. Sean Davis and Dr. Jason Platt. Between us we have co-authored six widely-read books and dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, including several which have won the prestigious "Best Article of the Year" award from the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, the MFT field's top academic journal.

We have taken hundreds of clinicians on highly popular immersion trips in places such as Mexico, Belize, India, Cuba, El Salvador, Italy, Cambodia and others. Each of us has over a decade of experience as faculty in the Couple and Family Therapy (Dr. Davis) and International Counseling Psychology (Dr. Platt) programs at Alliant International University where we have earned reputations as award-winning scholars, authors and educators.

Here's everything else you need to know
Malinalco, Mexico

Malinalco is considered to be the location of one of three main points of energy in Mexico. Malinalco’s energy in particular is linked to a creative feminine energy. Even the cynical among the group will acknowledge that it has a "vibe" unlike anywhere else.

We will arrive following the same route taken by ancient warriors, by way of Chalma, who came to Malinalco to engage in important spiritual work. We can't think of a better place for you to reconnect with your creativity!

You may want to know if it is safe. In a word, yes! Jason has lived in Mexico City for well over a decade, and we've taken hundreds of students to Mexico City and Malinalco dozens of times with no significant incidents. We'll be with you as much as you would like.

Registration and other information:
  • Participants will fly into Mexico City on Thursday, September 6th and depart from Mexico City on Monday, September 10th. Departures should be scheduled after 1:00pm.
  • The community of writers will depart Mexico City on the morning of Friday 7th. We'll help you find a place to stay on the evening of Thursday 6th.
  • The fee for the retreat is $650 and will include a welcome dinner, all travel between Malinalco and Mexico City, group and individual sessions aimed at supporting your writing goals, two ceremonies led by a local healer, and a farewell celebration dinner.  Airfare, lodging and meals in Malinalco will not be covered to allow for individual flexibility, though hotel and restaurant recommendations will be provided.
  • A $100 non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve your spot by August 1st, 2018
  • Reservations made before July 1st 2018 will receive a $50 discount
  • To make reservations, request a detailed itinerary, or ask any questions please email Dr. Davis and Dr. Platt by clicking the "register here" button below.