Teen Counseling

The teen years are tough. We can help.

We help teens be happy and thriving so they can start the next phase of their life with confidence and optimism. 

It’s hard to know which is more difficult - being a teenager, or raising a teenager. Between the pressures of social media, the stress of busy family schedules, and the constant presence of technology, teens and their parents are truly facing unprecedented times. Family connections have never been more important yet challenging to maintain.

Being a teenager is intense. You spend hours a day scrolling through social media, watching people that seem more attractive than you live lives that seem more interesting than yours. Once-private DM conversations can spread through your school in a matter of seconds, friends can turn on you in an instant, and even though you’re more connected than any generation in history, you’ve also never felt more alone. Lots of your friends are pressuring you into vaping or drug use, and maybe you’re all in yourself but regretting it. The pressures to succeed in college and life are intense, yet so is the ease at which you can escape from those pressures onto your phone. 

It’s no wonder that today’s rates of adolescent depression and anxiety are higher than any time in recorded history. 

As a parent of a teenager, you weren’t prepared for this. There’s no template for raising a child in a time where the best and the worst the world has to offer can be accessed in an instant, anytime, anywhere. You feel the challenge of keeping up with their ever-expanding circle of friends at school and online, all while they’ve locked themselves in their room all day. 

It’s like they live in a different world. 

You can see them slipping away, but you can’t tell why or figure out how to reach them. Maybe you see the sadness in their eyes, their head hung low, or the cuts on their arms. Maybe you see them playing video games or scrolling endlessly on their phone, and you have no idea how they’re going to go from that to a successful adult in just a few years. Will you ever get to enjoy the empty nest years? You had two jobs and a long list of chores at your teen’s age - what happened that now, a generation later, your child is complaining about being on their phone for less than 10 hours a day? Did you mess up that badly, or is it the times? 

If things have gotten particularly bad, maybe you hear them crying at night, or fear them flying into a rage at the smallest thing. Perhaps the word “attempted suicide” is still ringing in your ears after seeing their journal or getting off the phone with a teacher or coach.   

Life has changed for your little baby, and they need help. 

We can help you. 

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in all of these stresses and more in the last few years. We’ve experienced it ourselves - many of us are either raising our teens in the community alongside yours, or can see our own teenage years not too far behind in our rearview mirror. We know how hard it can be, and we know how to help you. 

We help parents and teens understand each other. 

If you’re a teenager, we can provide you a safe, confidential, supportive space to talk through your challenges. Our focus is on understanding you and helping you achieve your goals, not lecturing you about what you’re doing wrong. Maybe there will be things to change, but we’ll do that alongside you, not dragging or pushing you. Imagine how nice it would feel to be able to invite a safe, trusted person into your life? 

If you’re the parent of a teen, first of all know that so much of this is the times. The research is clear that teens and their parents are facing challenges like never before; challenges nobody could have foreseen. Yet there is comfort in knowing that there are time-tested solutions that still apply. Maintaining open communication, having clear and consistent rules that adapt to a teen’s growing autonomy, and figuring out how to monitor all their varied activities while respecting the privacy they’ve earned all go a long ways towards a healthy, happy teenager and their parents. 

In short, we can help you instill your family’s values even though your child is being pulled in a million different directions. We can help peace be restored to your home. And we can help your teen work through feeling depressed or anxious so they are healthy, happy, and confident. 

We have experience working with:

  • Eating Disorders
  • Bad Grades
  • Abuse
  • Addictions (e.g., substances, phones, video games, pornography, etc.)
  • Self-esteem
  • Friend problems
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Attempted Suicide
Please call or email us below. We’d love to help bring peace and laughter back to your home.