Sabrina Rossi,

Are you struggling to cope with life’s many stressors? Whether you are a parent of a teen/young adult, or you are in college/high school and feeling overwhelmed, or you are just someone hoping for some relief as you navigate through the challenges of life, I can help.
I support young adults, teens, and individuals struggling with anxiety and depression, identity issues, relationship difficulties, academic/work-life balance, and much more. For teens and young adults, those transitional years between being a child and an adult can be stressful and difficult! It can be helpful to have a trusted adult outside of the family to act as a guide during this time. 
I hope I can be a safe, trusted, and caring person in your life to provide you with a confidential space to be heard. To seek out therapy does not mean you are broken or crazy. It means quite the opposite – that you are strong, courageous, and aware enough to know that everyone has struggles in life, and that there is always room to grow and improve. I look forward to working with you!

-Sabrina Rossi, LCSW


I received my Bachelor’s degree in Music and Education from UC Davis in 2004 (clearly my original path changed, like so many others!) After teaching in a special education classroom for a few years, I realized that I cared much more about my student’s emotional well-being over anything else and began my journey as a therapist earning my Masters in Social Work at Sacramento State University and became licensed a few years after (LCSW 69735). 


I was lucky enough to start out my therapy career surrounded by a wonderful group of clinicians at non-profit agencies in Sacramento (Uplift Family Services and Stanford Youth Solutions) where we served low-income families and at-risk youth. I focused on providing family therapy services to families with a teenager in the juvenile justice system. I was amazed at how effective this therapy practice was in reconnecting teens with their families which would thereby often steer them clear from the justice system for good.

woman leaning in front of water

My desire to serve marginalized groups continued in a different way when I helped start The Gender Health Center (GHC) in Sacramento, a grassroots non-profit organization, as a founding therapist, providing low to no-cost counseling targeting the LGBTQ+ population with an emphasis on the transgender community.  I continued volunteering my time over the years at GHC and have watched it blossom into a staple in Northern California for transgender individuals.

Returning to my original roots in the classroom, I worked as the sole therapist at a charter school where I gained a deeper understanding of how mental health symptoms surrounding school (social and academic components) is prevalent amongst young people today. 

To round out my variety of experiences, I turned towards the medical world and its connection to mental health working as a therapist in the adolescent wing of an inpatient psychiatric hospital and then at a community health center providing outpatient therapy for individuals, children, teens, and families.

I am thrilled that my journey led me here, at The Davis Group, where I am excited to work with folks in the El Dorado Hills area where I get to follow my true passion-providing individual, adolescent, and family therapy services to those in my community. 

Clinical Specialties

I have had the privilege to work with people of all ages with stressors in life that vary and am interested in helping anyone who is ready and willing to make positive change. With that, these are my areas of specialty:

  • Adolescents and young adults (12-30): Stressors such as the following but are not limited to, school/academic anxiety and stress, relationships and friendship struggles, depressive symptoms, trauma history, transitional-age youth troubles, etc.
  • Individuals: Struggles with anxiety, depression, relationships, parenting, life transitions, etc. 
  • LGBTQ+ community: Dysphoria symptoms, coping with the stress and fear that often comes with transitioning, dealing with oppression/discrimination/marginalization, etc.
  • Family Therapy: Blended families, communication struggles, co-parenting, repetitive arguments, desire to rebuild positive relationships between family members, etc.


When I take off my “therapist” hat, I put on many other ones, most importantly-wife to my wonderful husband, mother to my sweet-n-wild toddler, and bonus-mom to my two fantastic step children. My free time is filled with play dates, soccer and volleyball tournaments, working out together, and taking family trips to our favorite spot (where my husband proposed to me with a camera crew in hiding), Carmel. I enjoy strength training and working out so I make it a priority to lift weights and sweat it out on my Peloton regularly..

If you hear my voice outside of the office, it is likely on a stage with my band, Remedy 7, where I am the lead singer. I have been singing on stage since I was 4 years old when I watched the movie, The Little Mermaid, and played “Part of your world” on repeat until I could imitate Ariel’s voice. 😊


(Call or Text – ask for Sabrina)

Availability & Rates

Monday – Friday, 9-8
$190 per 50-minute hour


Please complete the online intake paperwork before your first session. It takes a while to complete – plan on about 30 minutes – but having this information prior to your arrival helps me make the most of our time together. If the person seeking treatment is a child or adolescent, please fill out the “child/adolescent” paperwork; otherwise please complete the “adult” paperwork. Lastly, only complete the “Release of Information” if requested once we begin meeting. I will provide you with the password.