Hutchings, MA

I help trauma survivors heal from their past so they can face the future with a calm sense of confidence and hope. I also help women struggling with eating disorders and body image concerns accept their body so they can truly feel comfortable in their own skin.
We are not meant to figure out the difficulties of life alone. Maybe you’ve always known that or maybe you’re taking a chance to learn it for the first time – either way, your courage to take this step and work through what hurts makes all the difference. I have always believed in people’s innate ability to overcome, and feel passionately about helping others realize their own unique strengths that can help them through their struggles. When we learn to listen to our pain, we learn so much about our needs, our “answers”, and what brings us alive.
I’m happy to be part of your journey by adding my own understanding of us curious humans, and offering relevant knowledge and direction from a place of honesty, directness, and compassion. Let’s do this!

-Michelle Hutchings, LMFT


I completed my undergraduate studies at Utah Valley University in 2011, graduating Magna Cum Laude with my Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Psychology. The following year, pursuing my desire to experience new places and push myself, I moved to California to earn my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Alliant International University in Sacramento.



While earning my Master’s degree I worked at a local outpatient drug abuse treatment facility working with individuals, couples and running groups. I also worked at a local non-profit agency where I offered low-cost counseling to people with a wide variety of issues. After graduation I completed my internship at The Davis Group where I now work as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#102246). I’ve been here ever since!

Clinical Specialties

I specialize in treating anxiety-related disorders and issues. Many people will experience anxiety to some degree in their lives, especially with the speed at which the world moves today. When anxiety becomes crippling or starts taking the wheel it can make all the difference in the world to get help taking back your power from anxiety. Since I believe people have the ability to overcome their own difficulties and have many of their own answers, I focus on building a sense of empowerment to improve your life as you would like.

I also specialize in self-esteem and body image issues. With today’s society sending relentless messages about how we are supposed to view our bodies, it has become common to view ourselves and our bodies negatively. It’s impossible for that view to not affect the way you go about life, either. If you find yourself struggling with this, regardless of the particular way it shows up (disordered eating, relationship difficulties, putting off your goals and desires until you “lose ten pounds”, etc.) know that you’re not alone and it doesn’t have to be this way! I can help you end that vicious cycle and build a healthy view of yourself that brings happiness and peace instead of upset and pain. My passion around this has me keeping up on the latest research and concepts around combating this particular challenge.

Whatever the struggle is that brings you to therapy’s door, know that I will always see you as capable and will work tirelessly with you to realize that yourself as well! My practice is grounded in evidence-based techniques. Whether you are more of an emotional processing type of person, or a step-by-step, analytical type of person, I can help!


I was born and raised in Utah and moved to Sacramento in 2012 just to start my Master’s program at Alliant. California has always had my heart, and while I miss the beautiful mountains in Utah, living in California’s warm weather near beaches, mountains, and (possibly most importantly) having no need to shovel snow have long-since convinced me this is home! I have a passion for travel, as evidenced by my ridiculously long travel bucket list! I love the way the places I’ve visited have taught me more about life and people and given me a deeper respect for culture and context. I also enjoy weight training, running and yoga. Various other interests of mine include photography, motorcycles, hiking, reading, and spending time with family and friends.