Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues

You Deserve To Take Up All The Space You Want In This World

I know they're looking at me, judging me. No matter what I wear, what I eat, they can see how fat I am. I can't even imagine a life in which I'm not worrying about my body. I'm exhausted.

Eating disorders. Body image issues. Even saying it is hard.

You know the routine. You get up in the morning, check your body first thing, feel terrible about it, and almost without thinking plan how you can eat very little to nothing today. You plan gym time, including what workout you can do to burn as many calories as possible. Next is finding clothes that hide your body before you head out the door - skipping breakfast - on your way to work or school where you plan to stay as busy as possible.

Throughout the day you are constantly body checking and wondering if others are thinking you are as fat as you are convinced you are.

You get far too hungry and eat more than you would like, then feel terrible about yourself and spiral downward in self-loathing, which only ends with another hollow plan to “get back on track.”

You’re constantly feeling lost in a world of trying to figure out just the right behaviors to have the control you crave in your life, that will deliver the body you want and seemingly therefore the life you want.

The more control you try to have over your eating and how your body looks, however, the less in control you feel. It feels like this struggle is taking over your life and making your decisions for you. Your emotions feel erratic and uncomfortable.

Why am I feeling depressed?

You don't believe you will ever feel truly comfortable in your own skin.

You’re scared, confused, full of self-loathing, and depressed. If you’re a teen, you’ve likely become withdrawn and angry at others, who, despite what they say are their best attempts, just don’t understand what it is like to be in your shoes. You don’t understand how they can be upset with you - after all, you’re the one in so much pain!

If you’re a parent of a teen struggling with an eating disorder, you likely feel impotent.

You’ve tried everything to convince your child that their body is fine, with no success. It doesn't even feel like you're looking at the same body when they're trying to convince you how fat this or that body part is. You’re worried about their health, and rightfully so - maybe they’ve lost a dangerous amount of weight or are showing other signs of poor health. You don’t understand why you’ve been shut out, and at times you wonder if you’ll ever be let back in.

What comes out as anger in these moments is really your feeling of helplessness.

Whomever you are, you’re worried that things will only keep spiraling out of control. You can’t stop thinking about food - either eating it or not eating it. School and work have been suffering for a while, and it’s getting harder to hang on. Your circle of friends has gotten smaller and you’ve gotten lonelier. You’re not sure if you’ll ever feel good enough. Thin enough. Happy enough. Lovable enough.


Now, picture a version of yourself that feels comfortable in her own skin. That feels a sense of calm and healthy control that isn’t driven by fear and anxiety. 

A version of yourself that doesn’t obsess anymore. You are able to be fully present in your relationships, and you find yourself feeling more successful in the things you care about, are working toward, and want to achieve in your life. You have headspace for all those other things that matter to you instead of constantly thinking about food and your body.

Imagine a life free from anxiety about food and weight!

A life where you enjoyed food. A life where you felt deeply, truly at peace with your body, whatever it looked like. Your physical health improves, and you find that your emotional health does as well, building that sense of stability you’ve been needing for so long. You are able to be the type of friend and partner that feels most fulfilling to you, and letting love in is also easier. All those goals you’ve had in the back of your mind now have your precious headspace to be worked on and brought to fruition.

You deserve to have a healthy relationship with food. You deserve to enjoy eating. You deserve to feel kindness and acceptance, especially from yourself.

Nobody should have to be relegated to a life of counting calories and trying to take up as little space as possible.

It is possible to get there. You already possess everything you’ll need to make the journey. We’ll help you discover that, and walk beside you along the way.


We can help!

We helped hundreds of people through your challenge. We know what the journey is like. We can help you:

  • Establish a healthy relationship with food and your body
  • Enjoy a greater sense of peace and stability in your life
  • Truly believe that you are worth loving just as you are, whatever that may be
  • Establish rewarding, meaningful relationships with your friends and family
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