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Does My Teen Have Depression? Five Common Signs

Posted on
Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions across the globe. While it’s usually associated with adults, children and teenagers aren’t immune.  Teenagers across the country are seeing…
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How Substance Abuse Affects Your Mood

Posted on
Substance abuse can affect every area of your life. Many people turn to substances like drugs or alcohol for relief from mental health conditions, find some sense of escape from…
man sitting on a couch

Finding Peace After Porn Addiction: How Therapy Helps

Posted on
Porn addiction has become more prominent and problematic in recent years than ever before. People who turn to porn often have other underlying issues or struggles that they aren’t actively addressing. Many times, pornography serves as an “outlet” for them.
man and woman talking with the woman upset

How ADHD Might Affect Your Adult Relationships

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Many adults with ADHD don’t realize how this condition can affect their relationships. After all, ADHD is often thought of as a condition that can affect one’s performance in school or at work.

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