Healing the Whole Person

We believe that our mental, emotional, spiritual, relational and physical wellness is interwoven. A lot of our clients struggling with depression find that gains made in their counseling are compounded by a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Other clients healing from past traumas find additional help with yoga and mindfulness based meditation. The more our field learns about mental health, the more we realize it requires a wide range of wellness services.

There are a lot of ways wellness counseling can help, either by itself or as an adjunct to your traditional counseling. Perhaps hypnosis could help you stop smoking, develop healthier lifestyle habits, or cope with a past trauma. Maybe learning mindfulness-based meditation could help you cope with your stressful life. Wellness counseling can take many forms; we’re happy to discuss whether any of them may be right for you. Whatever wellness counseling goals you have, we work closely with a network of trusted independent health professionals that can help you reach your wellness goals.