Michael Collins, MD, PhD

As one of the area’s most trusted and qualified clinicians, Dr. Collins is our recommended provider for those wishing to make lifestyle changes that can help them look better, feel better, and live longer. Sean Davis, PhD


Dr. Collins received his MD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and his PhD from the University of Colorado. He completed residencies in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry, as well as fellowships in Cardiovascular Medicine, Addiction Psychiatry, and Psychosomatic Medicine.


Dr. Collins spent the first part of his career as a heart surgeon. He soon realized that he was only helping people after their problems became severe, and he noticed that many people came back several times. He wanted to help people live a healthier life so they could avoid the heart problems he helped people with all day. Realizing that emotional and physical health are intertwined, Dr. Collins completed a residency in Psychiatry and fellowships in Addiction Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine. Dr. Collins spent the rest of his medical career fulfilling his dream of helping people emotionally and physically.

After retirement, Dr. Collins continued helping people live a healthier emotional and physical life by becoming certified in Gestalt Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Health Coaching. He splits his time between his clinical practice and teaching as a faculty member of the Hypnotherapy Training Institute.

Dr. Collins is also a member of the American Medical Association, a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, and a Webb Fellow of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine.


When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Collins practices what he preaches – probably a little more, actually. He is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hiking, skiing, golf, mountaineering, and technical rock climbing. And be sure to ask him about his early days as a touring musician in a rock band!


  • Hypnosis
  • EMDR/Trauma
  • Health Coaching


Availability & Rates

Information about availability and rates can be found on Dr. Collins’ website, TheHypnoticHeart.com.