Our Mission

Welcome to our webpage! We’re glad you’re here. At The Davis Group we offer short-term, evidence based counseling for individuals, couples and families. We have offices in Roseville and Palo Alto, and provide in-home concierge services throughout the Bay Area. Our clinicians and wellness experts are among the most respected in the area. We’ve helped thousands of people achieve their goals, and are humbled by the fact that over 85% of our new clients are referred to us by their friends and family. Feel free to click around. Hopefully we’ll hear from you soon!


Our Values


We work hard to be on the cutting edge of our field. Dr. Davis has co-authored several of the leading Marriage and Family Therapy textbooks used worldwide.


We know how easy it is to get knocked off track. We offer a safe, non-judgemental place to help you get back on your feet.


We listen closely to your goals, check frequently to see if you think they’re being met, and adjust accordingly. We work for you.

Types of Services

Individual Counseling

Maybe you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, OCD, grief, or other challenges. Or maybe you’re just stuck and want to talk things through. Whatever it is, we can help!

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Child & Adolescent Counseling

It’s hard growing up these days! Between social media, athletics, bullying, divorce, and family challenges to name a few, the pressures come from every angle. We can help you and your child navigate the pre-teen and teen years.

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Marriage Counseling

We work with people struggling with anything from communication to recovering from betrayals such as affairs or addiction. Couples are a specialty; we’re honored to have clinicians from all across the valley regularly refer couples to us.

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Family Counseling

Whether it is adjusting to a crisis, dealing with a member’s struggles, or simply getting along, pretty much every family can benefit from counseling at some point. We can help.

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Wellness Services

In keeping with our holistic approach to health and wellness, we offer treatment recommendations for focused counseling and hypnosis to help you develop healthy lifestyle habits such as weight management, stress reduction, and more.

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Meet The Team

Individual, Marriage & Family Counseling

Location: Roseville
Hourly Rate: $170
Availability: Wednesday 9-5

Individual, Marriage and Family Counseling

Location: Roseville
Hourly Rate: $95 (limited sliding scale to $60)
Availability: M-F, 9-8

Individual, Marriage & Family Counseling

Location: Palo Alto & East Bay
Hourly Rate: $200 ($250 for home visits)
Availability: M-F, 9-8

Individual, Marriage and Family Counseling

Location: Roseville
Hourly Rate: $135
Availability: M-F, 9-8

Individual, Marriage & Family Counseling

Location: Roseville
Hourly Rate: $150 (limited sliding scale to $60)
Availability: M-F, 9-8


Locations in Roseville and Palo Alto


1380 Lead Hill Boulevard, Suite 160

Palo Alto

467 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 8

Limited in-home concierge services are also provided throughout the East Bay. Call Marlina Selva at 650.924.2337 for availability.